Everpure ES06 water filter softener for commercial coffee machines. Excellent performance filtration system which will protect your coffee machine from the effects of hard water, whilst improving the taste of your hot drinks. The Everpure ES06 water filter is an effective tool for reducing minerals in your water, such as calcium, magnesium, chlorine and other off tastes and odours, in order to provide great tasting coffee and espresso drinks

It will improve the quality of 53,000 espresso shots *

*Working pressure: 0.7 – 8.5 bar

*Water temperature: 2 – 38c

*Flow rate:1.9Lpm

*Total hardness capacity: 265,000ppm

Dimensions: 83mm diameter, 381mm height

This water filter can be changed in no time at all, just lift lever on the head to switch off the water, unscrew and dispose of the old cartridge and twist in the new replacement. (cartridge needs to be flushed through for 3 minutes)