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Saturday 20th July 2019

Coffee Italia – Mazzer

Mazzer was founded in Venezia, Italy in 1952 by Luigi Mazzer. Mazzer is a world leading company for the manufacture of coffee grinders. The grinders are sold worldwide, and are well known for quality, reliability and design Mazzer are present throughout the entire technological process and the reliability of the components in internationally recognised.

Mazzer Super Jolly

Mazzer Super Jolly Timer Grinder

The super jolly grinder sets the standard for day to day grinders in the coffee world.

Mazzer Super Jolly on-demand grinder

The super jolly on-demand grinder grinds a single shot(4 seconds) or double shot(8 seconds) at a touch of a button straight into the porta filter. No mess and perfect espresso time and time again.

Mazzer Major

Mazzer Major Automatic grinder

The Mazzer major grinder is a workhorse, suited for very busy sites grinding to perfection time and time again.

Mazzer Major on-demand grinder

The Mazzer major on-demand is a premium grinder, single shot in 2 seconds – wow!

Lease from £4.95 a week

Lease from £5.95 a week

Lease from £6.60 a week

Lease from £8.30 a week

Prices above include delivery, installation & 12 months parts & labour warranty